I have been working at Ready, Set, Grow day care for almost a year now. While I am from Massachusetts, I moved to Long Island for graduate school and was just looking for a job to earn a few extra dollars. I never expected to find a job where I would feel so loved by everyone. Joanne and her husband as well as all of the kids and their families make me feel very special to be a part of RSG, even to the point where I don't consider it a job. Joanne and Johnna put so much effort and love into RSG whether it is making sandwiches to the kids' liking for lunch, planning fun field trips and arts and crafts or kissing their boo-boos when they fall down. As a future pediatric audiologist, I hope the kids I see love me even half as much as the RSG kids love miss Joanne and miss Johnna. I truly feel honored to work at RSG

Tricia C,