Helpful Tips for Entering Daycare

Thank you for choosing Ready, Set, Grow Daycare, Inc. for your childcare needs. We understand that every child’s experience upon entering into daycare will be different so we put together some helpful tips to ease the transition. 

 1. Once you have committed to enroll your child into daycare begin speaking with your child in advance about what they will be experiencing. Let your child know what to expect and maybe what their day will be like: making friends, having fun, playing, creating Art projects, listening & dancing to music, dress up, etc…

 2. If possible, bring your child to daycare during the registration process to get them comfortable with the daycare environment. Introduce them to the teachers and staff.

 3. Try to get them into a routine, similar to the one they will experience once they begin daycare.

4.  The first day of school may be stressful for both you and your child, but try to remain calm. The separation part may be difficult, but children will eventually separate successfully. There will be a transition stage for both you and your child, but eventually coming to daycare will become a normal routine.

 5. When dropping off your child, always be honest and let them know that you will be back to pick them up at the end of the day and that you want them to have fun and play! Delaying will only make the process that much harder. The leaving process is the hardest, but will become easier with time.

We hope these tips are helpful. Our goal is to make the transition period as easy as possible. Please contact us with any questions, or concerns and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.

Thank You,

Ready, Set, Grow Daycare, Inc.