My daughter Grace is 4 years old and has been with Ready, Set, Grow Daycare since the summer of 2013. She’s had a nanny for the first 3 years and though she was the best nanny ever, we know she needed to get into a program where she can socialize with other kids and learn in a preschool setting. We also needed daycare for the hours that preschool wouldn’t cover because we work fulltime. Ready, Set, Grow was the answer and taking Grace to the next level here, was the best decision we’ve ever made. She made a great transition. We feel so lucky and blessed to have found Miss Joanne and Miss Johnna. We love this daycare and Grace loves being here. They provide a very safe, organized, clean and nurturing environment. They provide an atmosphere that is fun with playtime, educational activities, music and dancing. Besides being very affordable they are very caring and affectionate with every child and take the time needed to address each child’s individual and developmental needs. I’m so amazed at all Grace has learned in such a short time (less than a year). If you are looking for a daycare/preschool then look no further, because Ready, Set, Grow, is the best.

Marie C. S,